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The Forge

 Above is the center of activity for Vulcan Forge. Hot iron and steel are formed into custom art pieces, carving gouges, edged weapons, tools, hardware and restoration parts. Even some of the spikes for the railroad were headed-up and pointed here.


Below are a few examples:


Bald Eagle


Creating this life size American Bald Eagle was a fun recycling project that cost next to nothing to make, as far as materials. The wing span is six feet. This sculpture is apparently life-like to the point not a single bird landed in our back yard for about two weeks after installation.


Sheet metal for the wings and body was salvaged from scrapped desk top computer enclosures. The steel sheet was formed using the repousse technique along with adding individual feathers. The head was formed from scrap copper pipe fittings which were cut open, annealed then flattened. This copper was then cut into feathers for the neck. The beak and head were repoussed from scrap copper flashing.


Legs and claw feet were forged from scrap steel bar.