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Homemade semiphore in 5 inch scale. It is ten feet to the top of the finial. This signal is manually operated  and has a 12v. light which lines up with the lenses.

Harp style stub switch stand for leads to the car barn.

One of two switch stands fabricated from scrap 12# rail. Sawing off the rail head and bending what remained gives the frame the look of a casting.

The actual water tank is an enamaled double boiler for commercial cheese making. This was covererd with white cedar to give the appearance of a traditional wooden tank.

Functional 1/2 scale model of a British Garrison Gun made from a reprint of original plans. The barrel is 24 inches long with a 1.5 inch bore.

tesla coil

One area of my hobby science lab showing a Tesla coil in the foreground.

A painting in acrylic on canvas, just after completion. This was done for my wife at her request. The 5 x 6 foot canvas was applied to a ceiling in our home.

This is the complete fuel system for a 1902 Oldsmoble, which I made for a customer. He handed me the carburetor body with no jets, etc. and a few photos and ask if I could make everything else.

Veiw through stub switch towards the car barn.


Bi-Polar Coil


A bi-polar coil is simply a high voltage, low amperage, induction coil that incorporates many of the components in a Tesla coil. Unlike a Tesla coil, no earth ground connection to one end of the secondary coil is required as both ends are HV output. This makes this type of coil ideal when no RF ground is available, if you are willing to give up the performance of a TC.


I built this coil as a display piece for my office at work as I didn’t think it wise to drill a hole through the carpet and slab floor for an eight foot ground rod.


The primary consist of 7 turns of ” copper tubing 6 ” long. The secondary is 3 ” diameter by 23” long wound with 1444 turns of 26 gauge magnetic wire coated with four layers of varnish.

The case and secondary supports are solid cherry.