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Stained Glass

These are a few of the stained glass projects commisioned by my wife for in our home. Several include hand-painted and fired glass pieces. I built an electric kiln just for firing hand painted glass and glass slumping. All employ the copper foil method used by Tiffany. I also do commissioned work, as time permits, for those not in a hurry. Please contact me for a quote.


Civil  War  Window


My wife had relatives who fought on both sides during the civil war, the Ernsts for the North and the Browns for the South. She requested that I design and make a stained glass window to commemorate their service.  Their names are painted and fired onto the glass along with two small panels quoting Abraham Lincoln: “Both read from the same Bible; Both prayed to the same God”


The window is six feet long and 18” high. The white stars on blue backgrounds were made by first painting white opaque glass with a flash blue paint then firing in a homemade kiln. The stars were transferred from the cartoon to resist using carbon paper. Next, the pieces of resist were applied to the glass pieces and each star cut out and removed. An air eraser with 200 grit was then used to blast away the exposed blue paint, revealing the white glass beneath.