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Everthing from furniture to wood patterns for metal casting. The last photo is of a set of Uilleann pipes in the key of  D. These were probably the most challenging and interesting turning project I've done. The drones and chanter were turned from cocobolo wood and the stock mahogany. Updated Jan. 5, 2009.

Small walnut  cedar chest with hand-cut dove tails.  There no glue-ups in any of the sides or top. All lumber is from wide boards which I personally sawed at a mill.

Solid cherry & glass display case. The three drawer box on top has a cherry case with sycamore drawer fronts. All joints are dovetails.

Sette with hand-carved cherry legs and poplar frame.

Small cherry keep-sake box with hand-cut dovetails.

Wood pattern for the steam dome base of my Shay. The wood is poplar.

Mahogany pattern for 8 inch diameter wheel.

Ten inch diameter wheel pattern made of poplar. I use this for casting rolling stock wheels in grey iron.

Semaphore pattern made to 5" scale. The flat, main body is 1/4" cherry veneer plywood with mahogany raised elements.

This is a half set of Irish Uilleann bag pipes in the key of D. A half set is made up of bag, bellows, chanter and three drones. A full set would include regulators, three additional keyed pipes allowing individual accompaniment notes to be played along with the chanter.